For the last 26 years, Renania has provided the complete set of products and services for health and safety at workplace, in high risks areas, as well as at home, in current domestic activities.

Renania is the leader of the health and safety industry, in the Romanian market

Over the past five years, the company has launched new lines of business: see Pura, the Cleanup Division or the inauguration of the first Safety Concept store in Timisoara, expanding its expertise in the retail area.

Nowadays, any sales agent can offer real time information about stocks, products, time of delivery, can give or take invoices on the spot, can accurately anticipate trends and estimate the market evolution. He can also deliver consultancy for the very specific needs of its client, while the client has the opportunity to create, customize and order dedicated products, thanks to the Configurator App.

Evolving, for over 5 years, in a steady pace trend, Renania is confirming its leadership position not only in terms of sales, but also as a market influencer, through the events is initiating, endorsing or supporting financially, as main sponsor: Renania Academy, Workplace Safety Management Forum, Renania Executive Summer School, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking or Safety Awards Gala.